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This page is about the Local Lead Generation System

Local Businesses Don't Need Web Design - You Need Leads and Sales!

We deliver: Website - Google Visibility - Leads - Sales - With Full Technical Support

What is the Local Lead Gen System?

The Local Lead Gen System is a done-for-you, all-in-one digital marketing system for local businesses.

The System package includes;

  • Competitor and customer research
  • Google-friendly, custom-designed business website
  • Multi-media content creation and syndication
  • Google account configured and optimised
  • Google visibility and lead generation

This is a digital marketing system that pays for itself!

local online lead generation system

Who is the Local Lead Generation System for?

The Local Lead Gen System is for local businesses who need to generate leads from the internet.

This is not just a website, it is a complete marketing system that generates leads for your business.

We build your website according to proven lead gen principles, then we rank it in Google and help you generate leads!

How does it work?

We research your competitors and your prospects to identify keywords that buyers use to search for your services

We design and build a website with an easy-to-claim offer and a lead capture

We create multi-media content (articles, PDFs, Slideshows, videos, etc) and syndicate to strategic online properties

We configure Google My Business to give you a prominent Google Maps listing

The combination of optimised website, content syndication and Google maps prominence delivers increasing Google visibility - crucially for the phrases that your potential customers are searching for!

Once on your new website visitors convert to leads via the easy-to-claim offer - this could be something as simple as offering a call-back - you can collect the prospects name, email and telephone number and go on to make a sale.

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How long does it take?

The campaign lasts for 6 months, with the following milestones;

Month 1 - research completed, website created & live, Google account set-up and configured

Month 2 - multi-media content created, website tweaked as required, Google account reviewed

Month 3 content syndication begins, any further website ammendments completed

Month 4 - 6 content syndication ongoing, tracking and reporting used to make improvements

During the six month campaign full technical support is provided as required.

However, this is a done-for-you service and we can deliver everything with minimal input from yourself as required.

How much does it cost?

The cost for the whole package is just £2500

Or £500 a month for six months, if you prefer.

Many local businesses have paid that (and more!) just for a website - with the Local Lead Gen System you get what you actually NEED: Google visibility and targeted leads for your business that convert to sales!

Local businesses DO NOT need web design - you need leads!

Everything in this package is designed to deliver leads to your business and to make your business more money than you pay for this package.

local business lead generation

What happens after six months?

We would like to continue working with you and hopefully you will feel the same.

We have multiple options for you to choose from, including bespoke packages based on your unique needs at that point.

However, if you decide to move away, all the content and all the branded accounts we create are yours and we will help you transfer to a new provider.

How do I register my interest?

Simply complete the form below and we will contact you

The Local Lead Generation System puts your new website in front of prospects who are searching for your products and services in Google and converts these visitors to leads and sales with a useful, relevant, easy-to-claim offer and a compelling call-to-action.

It is a proven four-stage process that covers research, implementation, content syndication and reporting & tracking that will increase your Google visibility and deliver leads to your inbox!

Stage 1. Research and Content

This is where we research the online market;

  • Keyword Research - what are your prospects searching for in Google?
  • Competitor Research - back-engineer online campaigns, content and offers.
  • Content Research - what content do your prospects want, what questions are they asking?


By optimising for your prospects online behaviour and the questions they have your site will rank higher in Google and convert more visitors to leads.

Once we understand these things we will create the multi-media content for your new lead generation website.


Stage 2. Implementation

This is where we develop and launch your new mobile-friendly Lead Generation Website

  • create and add multimedia content and images to your new website
  • add logo, your offer, a call-to-action and lead-capture form
  • optimise pages based on prospect keyword research
  • create and verify your Google local listing for higher visibility
  • create and optimise your YouTube channel and upload videos


All content and web pages are created and optimised based on what we know through research your prospects are already searching for thus making them highly-relevant.


Stage 3. Syndication

This is where we syndicate over 50 pieces of content online to build links back to your site to build your brand in Google;

  • multiple syndication of videos with a local citation
  • multiple syndication of Slideshows with a local citation
  • multiple syndication of PDFs with a local citation
  • add your web listing to top local/industry directories
  • 1 press release professionally-written and widely syndicated online
  • all content socially shared


Syndicating a variety of online content with links back to your website to high-authority content-sharing sites and trusted blogs will give your website more visibility in Google.

Over time the trust and authority from these content-sharing sites and blogs will transfer to your website giving even higher and wider visibility.


Stage 4. Reporting & Security

This is where you can keep track of how your campaign is going;

  • custom monthly reports from Google analytics
  • daily keyword rank tracking
  • full monthly website back-ups and storage
  • weekly updates and website maintenance
  • multiple anti-hacker security layers


Tracking and reporting is important to understand the effectiveness of the campaign and to be alert to any areas that need additional attention.

Security is vital as the amount of malware bots and hackers out on the web is increasing all the time and websites get hacked every second of the day.

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If you are a local business which is not getting the results you require online then the Local Online Lead Generation System is the answer!


The online lead generation system for local businesses that pays for itself!


Call 01708 208889 now or email info@leadgenerationwebsites.co.uk to get started today!

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