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PPC Management Service

Google Ads is a way for a business to create a predictable pipeline of online leads that delivers a good return on investment.

The goal is to get to the point where a business knows that if it spends £x on advertising over a given time-frame it will receive a certain number of leads, of which a percentage will convert to sales giving them a certain amount of income and therefore profit.

In order to get to that point where a business knows it can spend a set amount on Google Ads and get a predictable return it is necessary to collect and analyse a significant set of data - this data is gathered during the early stages of the campaign and then used to make improvements to reduce spending whilst increasing conversion rates.

This is our over-riding principle in PPC - collect data to analyse and improve the campaign and therefore increase PROFITABILITY.

For this reason with our PPC management service we look to work with clients who have a monthly budget of between £2000 - £3000 to begin with and are looking to grow that.

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Case Study

West London Dentist

This client was in a contract that they couldn't get out of so they reduced their spend on that campaign and employed Lead Generation Websites to build a new, fully-funded campaign for Invisalign.

Below is a quick comparison of two campaigns for a West London cosmetic dentist – our campaign (highlighted yellow) which had been running for just a month at this point in 2016 and another agency’s campaign which had been running six months!

ppc management service

As can be seen, in the first month alone we achieved more conversions than the other agency did in six months and at 30% of the cost – each conversion the other agency generated cost £390, whilst ours cost just £130!

Whilst that in itself is great, we also increased the CTR (click-through rate) significantly which will lead to a lower CPC (cost-per-click) and therefore increase the number of conversions for the same investment!

This was just the first month of the campaign and over the coming months we further increased the conversion rate whilst pushing cost-per-conversion well below £100 (which is extremely good in the cosmetic dentistry niche) – we can achieve similar results for you, whatever industry you are in!


Update - Six Months Later

ppc management service

Update 2 - 2018

Over a year later - January - June 2018 - the campaign is still running very well with an increased ad spend and higher volume of leads.


Part of the process of data collection is to track phone calls too - so we know when someone calls whether they are responding to a Google ad or not. Not only do we track phone calls but we also record them and provide client access to the recordings via the reporting dashboard. This means that you can listen to every call that is made via one of your ads.

One thing that we noticed with the dental client was that they were getting calls but not that many bookings, so we listened to the calls and it became apparent that the phone system wasn't working properly and the receptionist wasn't always following the script. Hearing the calls allowed the client to identify issues that were throttling the growth of the business.

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Since the start of this campaign the client has doubled the ad spend on and also taken out a second campaign for a different service.

Case Study 2 - Property Investment

Another long-term client who despite spending regularly in the past had not been able to establish a consistent 'pipeline' of leads up to this point.

One issue that was immediately identified was the use of regular website pages as destination pages for the Google Ads that had neither the conversion rate nor the tracking required for success. LGW built five optimised landing pages for the client's Google Ad campaigns and these, together with an initial review and edit of the account, delivered an instant uplift in the campaign.

Within four months the client more than doubled their ad spend with us and over the course of 6 months in 2018 the campaign spent £105,000 and generated 1678 leads, of which many converted into sales and purchased investment properties with the client.

google ppc management

PPC management service

Notable Benefits

This is a completely done-for-you-service that requires no time investment on your part other than the initial meetings and a monthly review, which is of course optional.

Your business will open up a new and long-term source of new business that can scaled as required and, importantly, with a measurable ROI.

Notable Features

Clients have access to a reporting dashboard that displays all the important metrics and data at a glance as well as holding call recordings and all the conversion data.



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